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My Story,

1953. born in Glasgow, Scotland, brought up in pleasant Edinburgh suburb - educated in rough school (on the wrong side of tracks) - 1971 - achieved dream of going to art school - Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art (Dundee) - during school holidays worked in architecture office of Marcel Brauer assc.(Paris) - 1975 - completed five year course in sculpture - (best part was five years of academic life drawing). - 1976 - rented studio in Art Council owned Forebank Studios (Dundee) - exhibited paintings in Scottish universities with group of four art school painter friends.- Edinburgh Arts Center, Glasgow University, Harbour Arts Center (Irvine) -1977 - Put out thumb on road and hitched to Paris - had many good friends & contacts in Paris from past travels, made many more - worked first year on vineyard in Vaucluse, planting, treating, picking, bottling, packing & delivering, (Domaine Clos de Caveau)

1978 - moved up to Paris to paint - exhibited in Salon Jeune Peinture - Salon Figuration Critique  -1980 -  prospected by Galerie Philippe Frégnac (rue Jacob, Paris), resulting in four consecutive one-man shows including "Not drowning,,,dancing" - then invited to Salon de Montrouge - illustrated for women's magazines - Biba, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, Vogue - Illustrated for european advertising with agent Ian Fleming Assc.(London) 1982  - Moved to Brussels - Airbrush illustrator for advertising - worked with Terry Anthony at Ink Design - Pineapple Design and Gallerie Totem.

1986 - Moved back to Paris.-1990 - moved to small country village. - 1993 - Set up company Labayle & Mitchell with wife  Sophie Labayle, - furniture and objects for gardens and their houses” - designing, building prototypes (metal), - selling internationally, Paris, London, New-York, Montreal, Singapour, Tokyo - articles on house & company in design magazines, Marie-Claire, Elle Deco, House&Gardens,,,,,,          

1999 - In-house “Artist” with Dragon Rouge Packaging,bringing mixed media painting techniques to creative team. - 2002 - Started work as English language coach to young professionals, under contract to - CCI Villepinte, Promeo Formation, Domitel, Adomlingua. -2016 - Set up consultant service Mitchell English Services, coaching, translating & interpreting, Gained C.P.F. certification Lectured  "English & Modern Art history" at the Ecole  Francoise Conte (Fashion/Paris) - Exhibited sculpture with Compass Gallery/Gerber Fine Arts (Glasgow) - Worked with UTOPIA56 helping refugees in Calais and Paris. 2018 Visiting lecturer in "cultural English at Atelier Chardon Savard (Fashion/Paris) 

2020- Language coaching with direct clients in Paris & Dakar - exhibited with Gallery Art Nou Mil·lenni (Barcelona) - Visiting lecturer in at LISAA professional English with students of Film Animation & Video Game and Life drawing and Technical drawing for international students of Graphic design & Architecture).

Now!! - Moved back to the U.K. - Working full-time on new projects in painting & sculpture in Stranraer, Scotland.

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